C O N V E R S I O N  K I T

From Monolith to Microservices

Commerce migration in a matter of days.

Are you considering migrating off of a monolithic commerce platform onto microservices? As experts in both types of architectures, Zaelab can help with its monolith to microservices conversion kit.

Incorporating strangler pattern best practices, Zaelab’s monolith to microservices migration kit is a pre-built migration framework.

The result: migration in a matter of days versus weeks or months.




About The Conversion Kit

Monolith platforms operate on a tightly coupled frontend and backend. Any personalization or customization request involves editing the database, code, and front-end platform, which is extremely time-intensive.

Businesses are seeking out new ways to increase their agility in order to meet customer needs. Microservices decouple the frontend presentation layer from the backend platform / data layer. The frontend or “the head”—think user interface, social commerce, digital marketplace, IoT and more—can updated or changed individually, without interfering with the backend.

This monolith to microservices conversion kit shows how an enterprise can incrementally introduce new microservices, remove monolith dependencies, and retire old monolith code using a continuous innovation delivery methodology.


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