Headless Commerce for B2B Enterprises

Headless Commerce is frequently discussed and rarely understood. In this eBook, we help business and technology leaders make sense of Headless Commerce and easily understand the benefits and implications on your business.

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What you'll learn from this eBook

Aiming to create better customer experiences and open new revenue channels, large distributors, manufacturers, and consumer packaged goods enterprises are turning to Headless Commerce. This ebook describes real-life implementation cases and shares their advice for professionals reviewing their headless commerce options.

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check 4 real-life Headless implementation case studies
check 8 Headless Commerce vendor solution overviews
check Advice for successful Headless implementations
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Our digital commerce experts provide innovative solutions and insights, reliable implementation services, with both speed and scale. Zaelab is a trusted partner to market-leading B2B companies.

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Reasons to Hire Us

Gain Profit Margin Improvements

We are skilled at helping manufacturing clients handle unique challenges and leverage digital commerce to open new revenue channels, expand product lines, decrease costs with better inventory management and increase conversions with better customer experiences.

Reduce Legacy Costs & Complexity

We define integration patterns and implement efficient and reusable solutions to move data between critical client systems. Save more than 50% on digital commerce projects by reducing infrastructure overhead and maintenance of legacy systems.

Improve Commerce Experiences

We leverage our headless digital commerce accelerator to remove the complexity and friction of digital platform implementations and operations, enabling our clients to be exclusively focused on their own customers.


Evan Klein, Author, Founder Zaelab

Evan Klein is an ambitious entrepreneur who started his first digital commerce business when he was 12 years old selling wholesale DVD’s. Evan currently leads Zaelab, The B2B Experience Company. Evan is considered an authority in the Digital Commerce industry on topics that include B2B Commerce, Headless Commerce, and Digital Transformation.


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