O N  D E M A N D  W E B I N A R 

Leveraging your commerce investment

You’re invested in digital transformation. You’ve gone to market with a best-in-class platform, and your business is delivering personalized, relevant, and omnichannel commerce experiences. Don’t stop there.

Digital transformation is ever-evolving. What the market demanded from commerce experiences five years, three years and even one year ago has changed. Platform provider SAP Customer Experience and digital advisory Zaelab have stayed one step ahead of innovation and market needs, to equip your business with the tools and insights you need to keep competitive.




About The Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar to get more information about the SAP C/4HANA suite and how you can use the portfolio to your advantage. Dive deep into the newest features and functionality available on the latest version of SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris). Learn how an upgrade project can be completed in a matter of weeks versus months. It’s time to iterate and improve upon your existing commerce experiences. Let us help you react to changing demand and ultimately stay in front of competition with enhanced digital experiences for your customers.


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